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Deal Quote is one of the five pricing processes. It consists in the management of offers for the different types of scenarios (new business, business development/extension, tariff simulation for existing business) across the different sales channels (key account, field sales, telesales...).

Deal Quote corresponds to the transaction level, or Price Execution level.


This process may require in input:

  • Customer information
  • Product catalog that gives the list of available products and services, as well as compatibility rules
  • Inventory management information, in case of constrained capacity
  • Reference tariffs and discounting rules (see Price Setting)
  • Costs data and models
  • Competition data
  • Market response model
  • Workflow rules, that will drive quote acceptance


Deal Quote output is:

  • A specified set of products and services, either for one particular transaction (spot quote) or for multiple future transactions (contract).
  • The tariff formula agreed by the customer for these products and services, that may correspond to a discounted reference tariff, or be a negotiated tariff.